The law limits the time for filing legal actions. Don't lose your rights by waiting too long to obtain advice.
Attorney at Law
  The law limits the time for filing legal actions. Don't lose your rights by waiting too long to obtain advice.

Constance N. Zarkowski
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Constance N. Zarkowski
Attorney At Law

When Do You Need Legal Advice?

No one likes the thought of having to hire an attorney, but when they must, it is often comforting to know that someone is there to advocate for them. Constance N. Zarkowski


Certain events trigger the immediate need for legal advice. Here are some instances:

  • Being Charged with a crime
  • Being served with a lawsuit, including divorce or custody documents
  • Having a judgment entered against you
  • Having an assessment levied against you
  • Personal Injury

Other events indicate a need to have an attorney working for you:

  • Forming a business
  • Entering a partnership
  • Entering into an employment contract
  • Entering into a business contract
  • Having wages withheld or being denied labor rights

Some legal matters are best accomplished through an attorney to assure your wishes are carried out:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Advance Health Care Directive
  • Power of Attorney
  • Conservatorships
Others events will cause you to consider whether or not to take legal action:
  • Wrongful Termination of employment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Bad Conduct by Someone Against You
  • Interference With Your Rights
  • Denial of Your Rights
  • Being Victimized by Scams or Fraud

There are many more situations where an attorney will help you decide what course to take, assist you in handling your affairs, or defend you against anticipated problems. The Law Office of Constance N. Zarkowski will provide a free, half-hour phone consultation after reviewing your written case profile. She will inform you whether there is a legal solution available to your particular situation and the estimated costs to proceed with legal action or to obtain legal services. She will tell you whether legal fees for your situation are contingent on recovery or payable at an hourly rate. In some instances she may refer you to another attorney whose legal expertise is more suited to your situation.

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