The law limits the time for filing legal actions. Don't lose your rights by waiting too long to obtain advice.
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  The law limits the time for filing legal actions. Don't lose your rights by waiting too long to obtain advice.

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Disability Insurance

Assistance with Disability Insurance When You Need it Most...

  • Don't let your disability plan deny your rightful claim
  • You can obtain benefits that have been denied
  • Don't accept a claim denial if you are disabled and unable to work.

  • When you are sick, disabled and unable to work you cannot be expected to negotiate with your disability insurance plan to obtain your benefits. Your disability plan may be governed by federal law which requires specific steps to be taken in order to appeal a denial. You may be unable to obtain assistance from the California Department of Insurance. Trying to convince an insurance company to pay your benefits when it is determined to deny them can be a frustrating experience. Having to deal with a sudden loss of income due to disability can be a personal catastrophe , but when combined with a denial of benefits the stress becomes overwhelming . Pre-planning can save you andyour family a lot of heartache. If you are disabled or are facing a serious illness, you may wish to arrange for a trusted friend or family member to act on your behalf during the time you will be incapacitated. You need to determine ahead of time the extent of your disability insurance benefits so that you plan for your economic needs.

    Ask your disability plan the following questions:

    • Will the period of disability trigger an eligibility for benefits? If so, what will the benefits be?
    • Will there be any requirements to establish the benefits eligibility?
    • What is the waiting period?
    • What are the benefits?
    • How will they be paid?
    • Are the benefits coordinated with other benefits plans, like Social Security or State Disability?
    • Will the benefits be reduced if I go back to work part time?
    • Will I still be considered disabled if I can't do my present job but can work at some other occupation that pays less?

    Your recovery should be your most important concern. You need peace of mind in order to direct your energy toward your health, rather than your disability insurance coverage. If you have concerns about your coverage or if you believe your disability plan is denying you coverage that you are entitled to, the law office of Constance N. Zarkowski can help make a trying experience more tolerable by assisting you and your family in negotiating for your entitled benefits.

    Health Benefits Advocate

    Constance N. Zarkowski
    Sometimes unfair claim denials occur and you need legal help to resolve the problems and obtain the benefits quickly. At that time you need experts who can analyze your rights and take action on your behalf.

    I have extensive experience in the insurance profession. This enables me to negotiate the cumbersome regulations that exist in the law today. Because I have the knowledge of how and why disability insurance works, you will have particularly skilled representation.

    My ability to deal with insurance problems can often result in a speedy resolution that avoids protracted and expensive litigation. Sometimes a simple analysis of coverage or a phone call to the proper party can resolve issues that could escalate without intervention.

    If that is not successful, I will take all steps necessary to preserve your rights and obtain your benefits through litigation.

    An INITIAL HALF HOUR FREE CONSULTATION can tell you if your problems fall into that category. If not, you will have available the skilled, experienced advocacy that you deserve.

    Know Your Disability Income Plan Rights...

    • ERISA determination
    • Preparation of documents for benefits determination
    • Benefits Advocacy Insurance
    • Bad Faith ERISA Appeals
    • Employee Benefits Rights

    When someone is ill and unable to work the ability to obtain a monthly income from their group or individual disability insurance represents a lifeline. The denial of a claim at a time when they are least able to cope can be a crushing blow. Many times this results in lawsuits that would have been avoided had a skilled advocate been available.

    Health Insurance Agents fulfill that role and successfully advocate for millions of people who are fortunate enough to have their services. No one has ever counted the vast amount of money that has been saved in litigation costs by these dedicated professionals.

    • Disability Benefits analysis
    • Disability Insurance coverage consultation
    • Review of denial letters and insurance company demands for documentation

    FREE Initial Half Hour Phone Consultation

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