The law limits the time for filing legal actions. Don't lose your rights by waiting too long to obtain advice.
Attorney at Law
  The law limits the time for filing legal actions. Don't lose your rights by waiting too long to obtain advice.

Constance N. Zarkowski
Attorney At Law

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Specialized Areas of Practice

EMPLOYMENT LAW - Wrongful Termination - Sexual Harassment - Discrimination - Wage and Hour Claims

HEALTH INSURANCE LAW - Health Insurance - HMO Issues - Disability and Health Claim Denials

About Constance Zarkowski

Constance N. Zarkowski is a member of the California Bar Association, the Ventura County Bar Association, the Los Angeles Bar Association, The American Inns of Court and the American Trial Lawyers Association. She is also a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters, the California Association of Health Underwriters and the Ventura County Association of Health Underwriters. Constance is a certified mediator and provides mediation services to the Ventura County Courts on issues of civil harassment under Ventura County Dispute Resolution Services.

She is a regular guest speaker on the subject of health insurance, health reforms and employee benefits and teaches MCLE and CE course on these subjects. Constance has been actively involved in legislation issues affecting consumers regarding the delivery of health care and health insurance. She has participated in numerous conferences and meetings with legislators in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. She has received many awards for her consumer activities.

Constance Zarkowski is also available to other attorneys as an expert consultant on the subject of health insurance issues and to assist with problem resolution.

As an advocate for people needing to negotiate the health insurance system, Constance Zarkowski uses her expertise, compassion, and determination to resolve problems without the need for extensive and prolonged litigation.

Constance has been active in the insurance business more than 35 years and has owned a health insurance general agency for over 30 years. During that time she has worked closely with insurance companies and health plans in order to provide the best possible coverage for individuals and employees. She has actively worked with small and mid-sized employers and their employees to develop customized benefits plans.

During her years in the insurance business she has helped design and implement health plans for insurance companies, and is knowledgeable of the various administrative procedures used by health plans to pay claims and manage care. As an insurance agent and managing general agent she has effectively worked to solve problems for clients who had difficulty accessing their insurance benefits or health care. Today, new federal and state laws have been enacted that require health plans to offer many new benefits; from expanded coverage for previously limited conditions, such as pregnancy and mental illness, to instant coverage for pre-existing conditions when certain requirements are met. Accessibility to coverage is easier under the Affordable Care Act and Covered California, but the type of coverage has changed and the care needed for some people may be denied. Many new laws are being considered to remedy the flaws in the system or to address administrative problems. People may need expert help to obtain maximum benefits. Constance Zarkowski is the experienced expert.

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